Our way of working is rooted in the concept of "work place". We offer the space, facilities and expertise for artists and other creatives to experiment with the potential of screen printing in their body of work.

A standard day rate applies for working at the studio with full access to Wim's expertise. The facilities - screen cleaning, screen coating, exposure, paper, consumables - is paid per use.
**We are not a publisher: We neither sell work, nor do we take commission on work sold by the artist's gallery or agent.

We will gladly print and edition for you. Costs vary depending on the scope of a project, complexity of images, and edition size. Call or email us with your project proposal.

Kindly contact us at for pricing enquiries.

Unit 6B Riverside Estate, 62 Carlisle rd. Paardeneiland
Contact: +27 (0)766 44 0121