large scale collaboration with conrad botes, woven ceramics and spier arts trust

We’ve had the privilege of working with Conrad Botes on an ambitious mural work that was recently unveiled. It was, in four words, an insanely massive technical project, created in collaboration with Spier Arts Trust, Woven Ceramics and the Bitterkomix icon himself. 

The end result measures 28 square metres, comprises 240 ceramic tiles and was 10 months in the making. We were involved with the background – screen printing 240 images onto tissue paper with underglaze, which were then transferred onto the porcelain tiles, upon which Botes painted the foreground figures in glaze. The mural has been installed in Victoria Yards in Johannesburg, in conjunction with his latest solo exhibition at Everard Read’s CIRCA Gallery. So if you’re in the Joburg area, make sure you see his incredible work in the flesh.

Image courtesy of Conrad Botes and @jan_verboom

WORKSHOP - brush marks and textures in screen printing

In the basic workshop we look into the essential need-to-know principles of screen printing.

Screen printing is a stencil printing process in which ink is pushed through the open areas of a stencil attached to a fabric screen on to the printing surface below.  Colors can be easily registered and layered to produce a multiple color print.  Non-toxic water-based inks are used which allow for quick clean up. The inks can be modified to obtain any degree on transparency, opacity and hue.  Various stencil making processes allow a range of mark making possibilities to use in developing a screen print.

Every participant will get the opportunity to be part in the making of a small two colour screen print, from beginning to end. Some pointers will be given on how to set up for DIY printing at home.